Philippines Participates in a Training Course on Big Data Analytics

5 December 2016 --A training on “Big Data Analytics and Application in ICT Industry” was held on 16-28 October 2016 in Xi’an City, China. It was sponsored by the Asia-Pacific Telecommunity (APT) and hosted by the Xi’an University of Posts and Telecommunications.

The training aimed to give participants a background on the usage of big data in different application contexts. There were 14 participants from 11 different countries namely: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Samoa, Philippines, and Vietnam.

The participants gained a basic knowledge of big data analytics and familiarized themselves with current ICT applications that use big data. Telecommunications companies are one of the biggest sources of big data and are used for market research, services improvements and business innovations in general.

Participants were also introduced to “Weka”, a powerful, yet easy to use tool for machine learning and data mining. It is open source software with available online materials and modules.

Aside from the lectures, participants were treated to visits to data centers. It is worth noting that a data center can be set-up in as little time as three (3) months. There is also a high degree of environmental consciousness in Xi’an City. In one data center visited, it was observed that there was a nearby, thriving vegetable farm.  

Overall, the APT training was able to impart a comprehensive introduction to the potential of big data in ICT applications. Country reports and other presentations may be accessed here.

Keywords:big data, APT, DICT, trainings, statistics