Frequently Asked Questions

What is PHICTS?

PHICTS is a web-based statistical system that integrates information and communications technology statistical information to ensure harmonization of national data and metadata collections for analysis, as well as, policy formulation and implementation.

What are the features and services of PHICTS?

PHICTS is an interactive query webpage designed to inform users on how technology is important to ones life. There are several statistic samples that can help the user see the importance of technology and communication to ones life. There are set variables already, the user just need to plug-in which are the ones they wanted to see.

How are data organized?

Data are categorized according to several domains like: the ICT Statistics and the ICT facts and Figures. Under the ICT statistics, the user can view several statistics that have been conducted while user can find facts about the ICT of the country in the ICT facts and figures section.

What are the terms of use of PHICTS?

The informations provided in this site are for the purpose of nationwide awareness and appreciation on the importance and value of the ICT in the country. These informations are being available to the users free.

How can I send feedbacks or inquiries, if I need to clarify data or table in the PHICTS?

Feedback and inquiries are welcome! Make an e-form of your inquiry or feedback and send them to