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Article Title Date Published Keywords
ITU lauches Big Data Pilot Study 2 August 2016 ITU, big data, government statistics, DICT
Philippines jumps to 71st spot in the 2016 EGDI rankings 11 August 2016 e-government, index, transparency, efficiency, EGDI, DICT
DICT organizes session on Information Society Statistics 10 October 2016 information society, ICT statistics, sustainable development, DICT, PSA
Akamai State of the Internet Report 17 October 2016 Akamai, ICT, internet, internet speed, ASEAN region
16th TELMIN held to promote ICT growth in the ASEAN region 5 December 2016 ASEAN TELMIN, Brunei Darussalam Declaration 2016, AIM 2020, ICT, growth, innovation
Philippines participates in a training course on big data analytics 5 December 2016 big data, APT, DICT, trainings, statistics